Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Pope Benedict, Boy Scouts deserve the same rage you have for Paterno and Penn State

Look, this Penn State makes me sick. But a lot of you people foaming at the mouth are a bunch of fucking hypocrites.

I hope this Sandusky guy goes to prison and some real sickos in there skin him alive or something. Cut him up piece by piece, maybe make him eat himself like the way Hannibal did to that guy in that fucking godawful Silence of the Lambs sequel. I hope everybody else involved with this gets what they deserve. People are right to be sick and enraged at how this was allowed to occur.

But how many of you fuckers with pitchforks and torches are Catholic?

Here's what I've been seeing all day:

"How could JoePa/that grad ass/other PSU people see/hear about something like this and not go to the police?"

Well, ask Joseph Fucking Ratzinger and a bunch of those other fuckers with funny hats.

Your goddamn "infallible" pope did the EXACT SAME THING that Joe Paterno and these other Penn State officials did. And it wasn't just one perv he covered up for, either--it was THOUSANDS of pervs. Yeah, I know he said he was sorry (like Joe Paterno) and made it so that child sex abuse was an automatic ticket to hell, but his involvement in obstructing justice is well documented.

So if you're all angry and frothing and shit about Penn State, and then you go to fucking Catholic Church on Sunday and genuflect and make the sign of the cross and all that shit, then you're a goddamn hypocrite. And frankly, when it comes down to it, I don't know if you're much better than Joe Paterno, because you've allowed these church officials who obstructed justice to remain in place. CHILD RAPE ENABLERS RUN YOUR CHURCH.

Don't feed me that shit about the Church is sacred and the people flawed. What a load of horseshit. Get that flawed fucker out of the Vatican and put in someone a little less flawed--someone who, I don't know, didn't keep information about child rape from law enforcement. I mean, Christ, that's a no-brainer. And yet there he is, Pope Benedict, saying Midnight Mass and making you kiss his fucking ring.

And it isn't just Catholics. Too many other people, Protestant or Jewish or whatever think Pope Benedict deserves respect. He doesn't. Not any more than those Penn State officials. If the number of offenses matter, he deserves even less. Whatever hell you have reserved for them, he should be there too.

What's more, everyone ought to demand that the Boy Scouts of America be run out of every school and place they meet until they make public documents that chronicle thousands of molestation incidents over decades. Just like the goddamn Catholic Church, the goddamn Boy Scouts of America have no business making moral pronouncements about a fucking thing.

You are ONE-HUNDRED PERCENT RIGHT to be pissed off about what happened at Penn State. But there are a lot of other people out there who did the exact same thing, and they deserve your fucking rage as well.

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