Thursday, October 6, 2011

Shut the fuck up, seatwarmers

So if you get to eat bologna instead of digging in the fucking dirt for a grain of rice, you don't have a right to protest?

As long as you can find one person in the world who has it worse than you, you should be thankful and shut up?


Let me explain something to you, you piece of shit.

Those goddamn motherfucking oligarchs on Wall Street built a ponzi scheme with the economy, and when it all came crashing down, WE all bailed them out to the tune of TRILLIONS and TRILLIONS of dollars. They whined and bitched at the slightest hint of reducing their salaries, and their butt boys in Congress dutifully backed them up.

In the meantime, while stock brokers kept piling up the bonuses, auto workers took huge paycuts.

State workers and teachers took huge paycuts.

A ton of other people just got laid off. Or lost their homes. Or got laid off AND lost their homes.

And now the Republican butt boys are set to gut Medicare and Social Security so these criminal oligarch fucks can keep the party rolling along for themselves. Everyone has to sacrifice--except the highest earners.

But the Occupy Wall Street people are just spoiled, you say. No one is supposed to mind, no one is supposed to say anything, so long as you're scraping by and still breathing.

When we're reduced to living like the Somalians, or black Sudanese, or Bangladeshi, or North Koreans, THEN we can bitch, huh?


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